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On this journey, you will explore the Athens, Apostle Paul visited in Acts chapter 17. The Author provides in-depth information on; - The Athenian people and culture - Activities of their daily Marketplace - The Philosophers of that time - The gods and goddesses they worshiped - The Altar to "The Unknown God" - Paul's grand opportunity at the Areopagus - How Paul made this God, "Yahweh" known.

Do you know this God, Paul declared to the Athenians?
Are you adequately equipped to present him to those who don't know him? Would you be willing, like Paul to use your time to inform and educate others about Yahweh, the true and living God?

These writings show how Paul used the Athenians' culture, coupled with their belief of a need to worship, to present Yahweh to them. The results are astounding! Paul made a difference in a city filled with philosophers, so can you! A Must Read!

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It has long been believed that the plagues of Egypt were specifically directed by Yahweh, (the God of the Israelites), to be used as a weapon against the gods of the Egyptians and the Egyptian people who worshiped them.

Research has shown that the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians for many years. Let's go to the book of Genesis (Christian Bible) as well as the Book of Jasher (a book of historical events as it relates to the Israelites) to uncover the truth.

In these writings, Dr. Monica Dennis-Jones explores the plagues; what they were; how they affected the Egyptians and the Israelites; and the reason for the curse. On this intriguing exploration, she helps us to discover these Egyptian gods and how they affected and influenced the daily lives of the Egyptians.

This Book is ideal for Bible Study Groups as well as personal study


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The Apostle Paul took time out to admonish the brethren on the importance of every member of the Body of Christ.
Each and every member of the Body of Christ is important! Yes, that means YOU!

Do you know your place in the body?

Are you the eyes, the hands, the mouth, or even one of the uncomely parts?

It is time for you to know where Yahweh has placed you in the Body of Christ. A Worksheet is included in this book, to help you identify your place.